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Drawing Fundamentals 
Still-Life to Life-Drawing
March 5, 12, 19, 26 6-9pm
King Heritage & Cultural Centre
Calling all aspiring artists, animators, and illustrators back to the basics of fine art drawing skills to prepare you for life drawing. 
This four-week course is designed to explore line, shape, form, composition, shading, and colour in still life objects; and, later to apply to structures in portraiture and the human figure with a live model through life drawing. 
Build your own art practice and create your own style.

All levels welcome.
March 5, Week 1: Still Life Lines, Shapes, & Composition. 
Start by exploring the basics of drawing using lines to draw basic shapes and forms found in still life objects. Select a still life object of your choice to create your own composition while also applying the rule of thirds and elements of art and design.
March 12, Week 2: Shading, Light, & Colour Theory in Still Life. 
Shading and colour theory exercises will be used to explore the effects of colour on still life objects and to gain a better understanding of an object’s three dimensional mass.
March 19, Week 3: Portraiture & Skeletal/Muscular Structures in the Human Form. 
Apply the fundamentals of drawing from previous classes to break down and deconstruct the structures found in the anatomy and proportions of the human face. Learn how to break down the human figure into small parts of simple shapes and forms in preparation for next week’s class: life drawing.
March 26, Week 4: Life Drawing with Live Model. 
Incorporate all of the drawing fundamentals previously learned to draw from a real live human model. The model provides the three dimensional reference needed to capture the full essence of the human figure’s expressions and movements. The model will start with short expressive gesture poses for action poses and then proceed to longer sustained poses used to draw more detail and add shading. All levels welcome!
Ages 18+ (Students under 18 may attend with parental consent provided).
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