Schomberg Street Gallery


Sunday September 18th, 2022. 10am to 5pm

The Schomberg Street Gallery is presented by Arts Society King (ASK). The Schomberg Street Gallery is an outdoor, juried exhibition and sale of quality fine art. Held in the charming historic village of Schomberg, Ontario.  On September 18, Main Street will be closed to traffic allowing for full pedestrian access to the artists and their work. Tents line the street displaying original fine art and skilled craftsmanship all available for purchase to the public. Admission is free to all visitors, and many local shops and restaurants are close by. With thousands of visitors over the years, the Schomberg Street Gallery is sure to be the outstanding feature for the start of the fall 2022 season.

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Schomberg Street Gallery 2022 Artists

Carlo Allion

From thick gestural brushwork to fine detail glazing in oil as my medium I aim to capture the essence and spirit of our rugged Canadian North. 

My hope is to evoke emotions, memories and thoughts through my work that allow the viewer to connect with the beauty found in nature and our Scenic Landscapes. 

Dina Artman
ASK Member

“IMAGin” is about combining digital photography and painting. 

All photos used in my art pieces are original.

Mona Berga

French – Canadian contemporary artist – painter Mona Berga 

Mona has been bringing her vision to commercial and residential settings for over forty   years. Formally trained in Europe, she executes trompe-l’oeil illusions, hand-painted murals, original art paintings, and restorations that transform drab or difficult spaces into artistic sanctuaries. 
Mona works on scales from miniature to massive, in indoor and outdoor settings. She first evaluates the space to determine the compositional balance it needs. Using high-end materials such as ecological paints and glazes, Mona applies her passion and expertise to the individual needs of each project. 
Her culture, her travels and her spontaneous, vibrant personality all contribute to make each and every one of Verga’s projects an individual and amazing success. 
Her murals, trompe-l’oeil’s, frescos and original paintings, on canvas or boards, can also be shipped anywhere in the world.  Mona has worked in France, Switzerland, Hungary, England, Latvia, United States, and Canada.  

Her paintings are in the finest Art collectors’ homes all over the world.   

Influences: Willem de Kooning , Picasso, Matisse, Jean Michel Basquiat

Marianne Broome
ASK Member

Marianne was born in England but spent much of her childhood in Malaysia. The stunning scenery and abundance of exotic animals and plants heightened her love of nature and keen interest in drawing and painting. Her artwork was selling in local galleries and department stores while she was still a teenager. Marianne settled in Canada in 1980 and lives in the beautiful countryside near Toronto, Ontario

Landscapes, large closeup florals and abstracts – acrylics on canvas or watercolours on paper.

Winnie Chen

Winnie Chen is a full-time artist, who created MoonMoon Artwork Studio in Toronto.

Winnie’s current work is a balance between abstract shapes and realistic forms. Watercolor is her favorite medium because of its transparency and unpredictable water flow, which make each painting unique. She sees art as a form of therapy that draws her into a dream-like world, and she wants to invite viewers to immerse themselves into her works and find a moment of peace.


Claustro is a collaboration of husband and wife. Carol Currie Painter and husband Stuart Leggatt sculptor who manifest creations known as sculpted paintings. They work in fluid acrylics on panel and bas relief wood in seven to 10 layers of transparent layers to build depth. Contemporary landscapes specializing in Georgian Bay.

“Dubi” Adubi Akinola

No Description.

Sherry Dube
ASK Member

Sherry Dube is a traditional artist whose passion is to capture nature onto canvas with a highly detailed and realistic style. She spends a lot of time outdoors with her daughter photographing the Ontario landscape to use as reference material. She loves learning how to express nature’s subtle nuances of light and shadow and its enormous array of colors onto canvas using acrylic medium. In her words, “The beauty I find in nature around me is what inspires my work, and my desire to preserve this vision is what motivates me to create”. Her wish is for viewers of her work to gain a new appreciation of the beautiful world we live in, to “get lost in the details” and to experience a sense of peace at the end of a long day. She personally prepares all of her canvases by stretching them on custom keyed, professional stretcher bars. All of her canvas works are all fully painted on the sides, coated with a removeable archival varnish and are ready to hang.

Michelle Eissler

Michelle Eissler is a visual artist with a background in Art and Art History from University

of Toronto and Interpretive Illustration from Sheridan College. Living in a small town

north of Toronto, she has focused her practice on oil painting and has established her

own voice with a distinct style. With attention to pattern and colour, Michelle’s oil paintings depict free-flowing imagery which is interconnected and woven together through shape, line and subtle colour. Through its rhythmic forms, the work presents a challenging story to interpret, a theatrical glimpse into a fictional tale, and provides a lyrical backdrop for surrealistic fantasy.  Michelle Eissler’s oil paintings can be found at and @michelleeisslerart

Andrea Elmhirst

Handmade wool felt with a Canadiana theme. Unique personal and home products made from wool with fine quality accents. From felted soaps to messenger bags, coasters to holiday stockings, all are made one at a time, by hand. Wet felting, needle felting and crocheting are the different techniques used to produce items that you would be delighted to give or purchase for yourself.

Eva Folks
ASK Member

I strive to create bodies of work that are original, narrative and imaginative in nature. Pours on canvas and dyed wood panel are produced using a variety of additives and materials. Colour combinations are carefully considered. Acrylic paintings designed to enhance the pour complete each artwork.

Kimberly Grant
ASK Member

I think I get my creativity from my Mom.  As I grew up, she was always taking art classes and sharing her skills with others.  Today, in her 80’s, she still teaches and mentors and has always been a creative inspiration to me.  
I have explored many mediums and love to experiment, from mixed media to jewellery, stained glass and encaustic.
I never know what’s next…
Fun Fact-
When I was 6 years old, I had a baby alligator.  His name was Albert Sebastian and at a community event I won a trophy for “The Most Unusual Pet”
We even got our picture in the newspaper!

Donna Greenstein
ASK Member

I am a Canadian realistic animal artist focusing mainly on bird and nature oil paintings. I hope to instill a love and respect for our planet’s bird life through my work.

Michelle Hudson

Michelle creates Intuitively abstract and impressionistic works on paper. Michelle’s meditative art is inspired by memories, emotion, music. 

Michelle Hutchinson

Michelle Hutchinson is an award-winning Canadian abstract floral artist who draws her inspiration from the natural beauty of her rural surroundings in the Napanee area. Her original mixed media paintings are recognizable for their vitality, energy, and spontaneity in joyful colours and subtle mark-making. The Artist’s style is intuitive working in successive layers to build in depth and mystery by revealing and hiding objects until there is clarity in the storytelling. Her current collection uses a floral motif to portray emotions of sadness, loss, resiliency, hope, love, and joy experienced by her and many during the pandemic. 

Fun Fact: One of my favourite artist tools is the kitchen scratchpad! Rough on one side for scratching off paint and making shapes look messy, sponge on the other side for creating interesting splotchy marks!

Ileen Kohn

Ileen Kohn has been drawing and painting all her life. For the last 33 years she has been a teacher at George Harvey C.I.  in Toronto and has just retired. She taught classical drawing, photography and animation among some basic high school courses. She has participated in the Schomberg Street Gallery for several years as well as the Rosedale Art Fair in Toronto, prior to Covid and is glad to be back.  Ileen’s subject matter varies from still life, cityscapes and landscapes as well as portraiture and figurative drawing and painting.  Another on-going project is greeting cards reproduced from watercolours. The hardest part of retiring is not being able to say “I’m a teacher” anymore. Dare I say “I’m an artist? I usually like to leave that to the viewer to decide.” I am looking forward to the Schomberg Street Gallery this September.

ASK Member

Atswei is a visual artist who started out in childhood, high school then went on to study graphic/packaging design at Humber college. She dropped out, finding it much too rigid for her artsy free self. So she literally jumped out of the box and buried her talents in pursuit of other trades.

She studied culinary art, then moved on to serve her country in the Armed Forces. She then studied skin, and as an aesthetician learned to create creams, lotions, bath bombs and natural hand made soaps as an entrepreneur. She then came back full circle to her first love – Art.

In the beginning her best pieces we achieved in extreme anger or extreme happiness. Currently, they flow with any emotion. Atswei has always felt that the minute you turn what you love doing (your hobby) into a career, then it becomes work. Once it become work, it become confinement, which equals rules, which equals regulations.

Art to her is to be freeing, where you set the rules, tone, pace etc. Once someone is telling you what to do, it is no longer art to her.

It is the one place she can let her art do whatever she wants. It is her world which all are welcome to view.

Her art is her therapy –
her happy place –
her escape –
her appreciation to Yahweh –
her voice –
and so much more that she continues to explore.

Janna Kozoub
ASK Member

My name is Janna Kozoub. I was born in Moscow, Russia. From my early childhood I explored nature and loved to capture my experiences in creative ways. When I moved to Canada almost 30 years ago I was happy to see that so much of what I loved back home was still here – leading me to continue discovering the many curiosities of nature out there – with its numerous different textures, colours, contrasts and patterns. I work with various mediums to convey my experience with nature and the world around us: oil, acrylic and watercolour paints, clay in my sculptures and bas-reliefs and polymer clay in my jewelry and home décor. My most recent exploration of mediums brought me to bas-reliefs, which are raised images or fine sculptures that are created on walls or other flat surfaces, a centuries old technique seen in ancient Greek and Roman art from which a lot of my inspiration comes. I try to unite my visual and emotional experiences with nature to convey its true, raw, untouched and fragile essence.

Fun fact: “I had a pet wolf that liked pancakes living at the dacha in my grandma’s village

Brittany Lauren

Brittany Lauren is a contemporary wildlife painter currently working from her home studio in Stouffville ON.

Most recently, Brittany had the privilege to work at a wildlife rehabilitation centre which is where she found a new respect for these magnificent beings. She began to refer to these wild patients as her inspiration for her most recent paintings.

Brittany works in acrylic, applying mediums with palette knives, beeswax and various other materials, allowing the build up of a textural relief. She paints more realistic interpretations of her subjects hoping the viewer will appreciate their natural beauty.

FUN FACT: Brittany has sold a few of her paintings to a family member in the iconic Canadian Group of Seven painters.

Shannon Lively
ASK Member

The Fine Art of Dance is essentially an exploration of dance through art. My objective, as an artist and a former amateur competitive ballroom dancer, is to convey the passion, grace and style that dancers bring to the floor, plus motion, in a two-dimensional space. My art is specifically driven by the challenge of depicting the body in motion, capturing the emotional projection inherent in dance, and displaying the connection between dancers as they perform. Most of my work features elite level professional dancers, and over the coming months I am excited to say that I will specifically be working on several pieces featuring two dancers based in Mississauga, Ontario – Dmytro Gurkov and Celeste Bailey. Dmytro and Celeste are Canadian nine dance champions, in addition to being international champions.

Lavinia Maria

Lavinia is a Romanian-Canadian artist, designer and poet. At age 10, she was accepted into the Nicolae Tonitza Art School in Bucharest. After immigrating to Canada, she won several art awards throughout highschool, before being accepted into OCAD U for the illustration program. Since then, Lavinia has balanced a career as a brand and identity designer with her own multi-disciplinary art practice. She has participated in numerous group shows in Toronto, and is a double Art Battle finalist. Currently, her fine art work focuses on creating and photographing moments of beauty in material exploration, highlighting details and textures.

Fun fact: She’s currently learning Argentine tango.

Virginia May

I have been drawing and painting since I was 5 years old, which was a very long time ago! I am currently an elected member of the Canadian Society of Painters in Watercolour and the Society of Canadian Artists, a member of Headwaters Arts and was a signature member of the Toronto Watercolour Society.

My current series of acrylic paintings is called “Just farmer fields”. In the run up to the second-last Provincial election, a promise was made to developers to “open a big chunk” of the Ontario Greenbelt for development. The person who made that promise claimed the Greenbelt was “just farmer fields.”

The Greenbelt was established in 2005 to protect environmentally sensitive areas and productive farmland in one of the fastest growing regions in North America. The Greenbelt encompasses 721,000 acres of lakes, wetlands, river valleys and forests, protecting habitat for species at risk as well as ensuring the area’s vital drinking water. And it is still under threat.

The series of paintings was started in 2019 and first shown at the Millcroft Inn in Alton. Several have been sold but I continue to work on paintings covering a vast area which includes King Township and Caledon, where I currently live.

Veronica Meloche
ASK Member

Water and the outdoors has been a constant in my life. Growing up on the rural shores of Lake Erie, my earliest memories are rooted in the sound of waves and spending idyllic time in warm water and long days playing outside. Living now, as an adult, in the bustling Greater Toronto area, I find myself searching for the simplicity of my childhood. As a mother, my acrylic paintings are often of my own children and my attempt to explore idealised childhood memories and nostalgia. My work is about documenting small intimate moments, through photo references and quite often, the memory myth of an idealised childhood in ‘simpler’ times and summer. 

I began in pottery in 2010 and have become infatuated with the medium. I create mostly functional ceramic forms and am intrigued with painterly applications of glaze and the memory of the human touch on the clay.

Loraine Mohar
ASK Member

My work is made by finely cutting and gluing vintage botanical and anatomical / fantasy character illustrations. I create new surrealist worlds and ideas with these old images.

Iryna Molodecky
ASK Member

Iryna Molodecky is an artist, educator and visual facilitator. With over 25 years experience in the advertising and graphic design field and 13 years as a professor of Advertising and Creative Thinking. Iryna holds a B.A. in Fine Arts, a Master’s Degree in Creative Studies, a Graduate Certificate in Creativity and Change Leadership, and a Certificate in Visual Facilitation.

Of Ukrainian decent, Iryna was inspired to capture the strength, courage and beauty of the Ukrainian people, in particular the women of Ukraine. Her desire is to shift the narrative around the current events in Ukraine to one of hope and faith. All proceeds from the sale of her art prints and cards will be donated to the Ukrainian Humanitarian Fund.

Mary Morganelli
ASK Member

Art Tells as Story

Capturing emotion is everything for me as an artist. If I’ve brought light and joy to your life through my artistic expression, I’ve fulfilled my calling. It has always been a passion to contribute positively to the human experience with the use of simple, traditional materials, paint and brush as well as the application of colour and creative use of light.

The feelings we have when we picture a mother figure or a child playing, or a beautiful bird take flight, it’s those emotions that wash over us as we view a stunning landscape that moves my brush across the canvas and determines the colours I choose to illuminate that precious moment.

‘Life’ is my inspiration. I strive to convey that sense of enormity by capturing the ever-shifting allurement of human emotion – frozen in time on the canvas.

My paintings are bright, brings sunshine in a home/office and tells a story. I am a diversified artist that is not afraid to explore new styles and ideas.  I welcome new challenges, in life we live to learn.

Hoda Nicholas
ASK Member

Hoda is a Canadian artist born in Cairo, Egypt and currently lives in Newmarket, Ontario. Hoda uses colours expressively and vibrantly to capture moments in time highlighting the beauty in a flower, a landscape, a pear or a child’s face. Hoda’s intention is to evoke a feeling, rather than depicting a realistic representation of the subject, allowing the viewer to interact with the paintings at a more emotional level. The subject might vary but the end goal is always to inspire a sense of joy and beauty through each painting. Pursuing art is an ongoing journey for Hoda filled with excitement and anticipation of what each painting will bring forth.

Hoda paints the landscape and florals in oil using vibrant palettes and bold brushstrokes.

Dominic Petrungaro
ASK Member

The work is a mix of landscape and architectural that explores the environmental change from grassland to concrete. Inspired by cinematographers and classic film directors such as Fellini, Kubrick, Bergman, Welles and Leone.

Kathleen Potter
ASK Member

Based on my creative upbringing, it should have come as no surprise that I naturally gravitated towards design. My creative outlets have included interior design, feng shui, fine art painting, and jewellery design. My soul is happiest when I am my authentic self, as it fuels the passionate and calm energy you will find in my work.

Living in the Kawarthas has provided me the perfect place to use my intuitive skills and my free, loose style to create my paintings that come from my imagination.

I am also known for composing one-of-a-kind statement pieces of wearable art. I take great care in sourcing out exotic and unique components from all over the world. Each gem, bead, clasp and pendant tell a story and when organically combined they evolve into a magnificent piece.

Anne Reimer
ASK Member

I was born in Paraguay, South America, and immigrated to Canada at the age of 16.  I graduated from a home study course from Art Instruction Schools in Minneapolis in my early twenties, and have been painting ever since!   I have continued to take workshops, including a course through Haliburton School of Fine Art.      

I mainly paint in oil with a palette knife, as well as watercolour and mixed media.   My inspiration comes from nature’s beauty that I see in my garden, wildflowers along the pathway where I walk, and from my travels.     

I have been married for over 50 years, and my children and grandchildren keep me busy!
I still enjoy teaching and getting ready for art shows. I am grateful to have won several prizes and awards over the last several decades.

Fun fact:   I walk 5km every day, in all kinds of weather!

Michele Rose
ASK Member

Fine art 

Acrylic on canvas and wood using an old masters technique building up colour and richness using many layers and washes 

I create rural landscapes that the viewer can escape in with a touch of whimsy

Josee Savaria
ASK Member

Mixed Media Paintings: fanciful, playful depictions of our world that convey happiness and wonder!

Vienna Sbergio
ASK Member

In this madness I create. 

Fun fact: Somehow I never end up using a paintbrush regardless of whether I have one or not. 

Manuela Stefan
ASK Member

Manuela Stefan is a Romanian born, Canadian photographic artist, with a deep love for horses. While technically trained (with a Bachelor in Engineering from Bucharest, Romania), Manuela has always been artistically inclined.

During her summer months in Romania, she used her father’s old film camera to document her adventures, and that brought her great joy. Fast forward many years later, while in Canada and working in the Corporate world, she started interning for a wedding photography studio in Toronto on weekends. In 2007 she was laid off from her job of 8 years, and her real creative adventures began, with the opening of her own photography studio.

One project led to another and her love of horses, rooted in her childhood years, galloped back into her life. Manuela has traveled the world since, met many horses, some in exotic locations, and told their stories. 

Her equine art collection, ‘Graceful Horses’, was born out of her insatiable passion to reflect the beauty of these animals through her images, now shared with the world.

Fun fact: Manuela has always loved to sing and she had participated in a Romanian school choir for years, followed by her joining the amazing Choir Choir Choir! in Toronto. During the lockdown, she discovered the Smule app, allowing her to…sing sing sing!. She likes to joke about her ‘Pandemic’ album born this way.

Yoshiaki Tanaka
ASK Member

To me, painting is the discovery of the hidden spirit in the Universe. There is the unexplainable power of duende; a mysterious power which everyone feels and no philosopher can explain. I have experienced from time to time, the mystical atmosphere of this power. Once tasted, it is unforgettable excitement. I am always searching for this mystical power and trying to bring it into my paintings.

Education: Emily Carr College of art & Design, Painting, Vancouver. Centre Saidye Bronfman, Montreal. Ontario College of Art & Design.

FUN FACT: “I love trail walking in and around GTA. I walk with a small group of trail walking enthusiasts regularly all year round.”

Gabrielle Tasse

Using acrylic on canvas to bring emotion driven intentions to life, Gabrielle creates art as a way to communicate ambitious concepts words alone cannot convey. The abstract essence of each piece dares viewers to contemplate their deepest thoughts, intuitions and desires to formulate opinions and reactions to each individual painting. The instinctual nature of her painting and spontaneous colour choices convey her joy and lively spirit. Gabrielle creates fantasy-like pieces taking viewers on their very own adventure. 

Lyudmila Thomas

Colours, lines and curves, shadows and highlights is what I observe in my surroundings. And I can see a certain charm. Subtly inspired by rain, my favourite cafe around the corner, lines, curves and colours, I paint and draw classically elegant women. I mainly focus on whole figure portraits while my angles capture fashion on the runway, poses and female accents charged with expressivity. With the use of a pen, a pencil or a brush I translate that charm on to objects for your home, fashion and accessories as well as gifts. Although pleasant and coquette, my art is more than that: it is pleasant to the eye as it is full of sentiment. 

I love what I do and deeply care about my customers. 

FUN FACT: “My husband saw and fell in love with my art before he met and fell in love with me.”

Yingyue (Kitty) Wang
ASK Member

Kitty is a passionate artist, who also has an interest in business, fashion and psychology. She is inspired by the various aspects of life, whether it is physical or psychological. She enjoys creating pieces using acrylic paint and clay to help convey a message. She views art as a channel of distribution, to communicate her opinions, concerns and or interests.

I am going to be making new pieces just for this gallery as I like to create new pieces at different stages of my life and truly be able to express my current. I plan on creating acrylic and gauche pieces, as well as digital, which I hope to showcase with a projector that I will bring myself. Instead of just creating art pieces, I also hope I can create an environment and atmosphere for everyone when entering my room for the gallery event. 

Lynn Wilson
ASK Member

Lynn lives and paints in her home studio in King City.

Strong, bold colours on large canvas (a mix of florals, abstracts, streetscapes, interpretive, intuitive, collage and silk pieces) in mixed mediums. Canvas had typically been her media of choice, but in the fall of 2017, she discovered altered book journaling and intuitive work. Now the journals and intuitive work will often inspire the work she takes to her large canvas.

Since 2002, Lynn has shown her work in many juried art shows, art events and Studio Tours. She teaches altered book journaling and intuitive painting both live, online art classes and private home classes.

Member of Arts Society King (ASK) and Society of York Region Artists (SOYRA)

FUN FACT: “I worked at the Inn On The Park in the early 70s and had the opportunity to have a fun lunch with “Lurch” (The Addams Family) and another time had lunch with Joanna Woodward (Paul Newman’s wife)..I got to ask her all about Paul…..LOL

I also got to meet Cass Elliot (Mama Cass of the Mamas and Papas) and Jason Robards.

I was also working there when former USSR Premier Alexei Kosygin came to Canada for his controversial meeting with Pierre Elliot Trudeau and stayed at the Inn On The Park.”

Darlene Winfield
ASK Member

She says “I love art but lately have fallen completely in love with the feeling of abstract! there has always been little hidden sections of abstract in my work since the beginning of my career. However, becoming more daring with age, I have now let it cover the entire canvas! the new work just adds an exciting and surprising element to my body of work.”

FUN FACT: Darlene has also fallen completely in love with her new puppy, who she says is so adorable!

Tom Wray
ASK Member

Tom’s first camera was a box Brownie.

He got seriously interested in photography when he studied Multi-Media Technology at Humber college. He went on to become an audio visual technician at Pearson’s Air Traffic Control School and spent hours in the dark room processing film.

Tom is an avid tennis player. In 1979 he went on a much anticipated trip to Wimbledon and captured images of Bjorn Borg and John Mc. Enroe from his front row seat on centre court. But his heart was back in Toronto. He sold his tickets after the first week and caught a plane back to join the new love in his life. They married the following year and have lived in Schomberg ever since.When looking for inspiration and composition for his fine art photographs – which include florals and landscapes – Tom likes to find an angle that other people might not see. He says he doesn’t just TAKE a picture, he MAKES a picture.

He specializes in photographing other artists work, which he reproduces for them as archival giclée prints.

He still has that old Brownie amongst his collection of cameras

FUN FACT: Tom LOVES to wear tie dye.

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