Studio Tour King 2024

Arts Society King presents

Studio Tour King 2024

Studio Tour King 2024 will take place April 6 & 7 from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm



Meet the Artists of Studio Tour King 2024

George Burt

George Burt started wood turning in the late 1980’s, making gifts for family and friends.  The first dried flower vases were turned from cedar rail farm fencing.  It was his wish to preserve its memory.  Later, people who appreciated his work, would bring other pieces of local woods from fallen or trimmed trees and it was then he started turning vases and bowls from local woods.  George always felt there was no need to buy exotic woods from other countries when our own native woods are so colourful and beautiful.

Wendy CHO

“. . . in a far far land of CHO, there lived an illustrator who drew cats and dogs and frogs and more.

there were dark skies filled with the sun, stars and moon.
every day told a story of good and bad.  stories of memories had.

the beginning”

wendy’s artwork is regarded as simple, clever, whimsical and storybook like.  Her signature style is bold black lines with a pop of Lacquer colour, creating a glass like effect.  Inspiration for her art includes children’s stories and all her furry babies at home . . . cats, dogs, fish, rabbits and an albino hedgehog named stella!  wendy has been drawing from a young age, encouraged by her big sister.  Her artwork spreads joy and smiles to everyone!

Alexandra Conrad

Alexandra K. Conrad is a professional fine art artist with over three decades of art creation experience.  She graduated with honours from OCAD University. She is a member of Richmond Hill Group of Artist, Art Society King, Portrait Society of Canada, associate member Society of Canadian Artist.  Alexandra paints portraits, landscapes, cityscapes, nature and abstracts in oil and acrylic. She enjoys other media including woodcuts. She uses warm and bright colours. In her artwork,  Alexandra strives to bring out positive emotions in the viewer and introduce the viewer into a new world away from daily problems which only art can provide.

Patricia Earl

Patricia L. Earl paints to convey the light, colour, and mood of what she sees and feels around her as Mother Nature so generously provides. She doesn’t have to travel far to find subjects that inspire her. The gentle rolling hills, farmlands, forests, and wild flowers that she loves to paint are found in abundance in Ontario’s countryside, on the hiking trails, and in her own backyard. Some of her inspiration comes from her view from the pillion/backseat of their motorcycle as she and husband Jim travel the Ontario countryside or American southwest. Pat enjoys painting with both acrylics and watercolours in her studio and on site / plein air. Watercolour is her preferred medium as she enjoys the freshness and spontaneity of the medium. Whether her painting begins by applying paint with brush or pouring colours directly on the paper, the painting process is fun and magical! Pat enjoys the constant challenge of keeping the white of the paper and uses the transparency of watercolours to ultimately make the painting glow. Pat’s original watercolour and acrylic paintings can be viewed on her Facebook page.

Wendy Emery

Wendy Emery studied Fine Arts at York University. Her background includes graphics, design and photography but her lifelong love of the magical qualities of glass fusing is truly her happy place. As a fused glass artist she is very detail oriented, drawing inspiration from nature and the everyday physical worId.  Her intricacy of design mirrors everything from natural wonders like bees in my garden to the mundane bubbles in her morning cup of coffee. She loves to have them forever preserved in the breathtaking format of fused glass.

Andrea End

Andrea End’s inspiration is the sunlight.

She creates landscapes using the reduction linocut printmaking method. In this technique a multicolored print is made with the use of a single block. Through a series of progressive cuttings, inkings, and printings, the image slowly emerges while the actual block is destroyed.  Andrea participates in numerous juried shows, group shows and solo shows, primarily in the Greater Toronto Area.  She sits on the Board/Executive Council of the Richmond Hill Group of Artists and is a founding member of the Artists’ Co-op of Richmond Hill. 
Andrea End is a long-time resident of Richmond Hill, Ontario.

Jackie England

Jacqueline England resides in the Mississauga, Ontario, Canada area, but was born in Nottingham, England, and immigrated to Canada as a young child. She returned to the U.K. to further her education and while there, she became introduced to the realm of horses, and as a young teen, spent many a day “mucking out”, grooming, riding and showing horses. Upon retiring she turned her first love of owning horses to painting them and under the tutelage of Michael Spillane of the Spillane Studio of Fine Arts, she realized that dream of putting to canvas not only her detail of horses but of the many wildlife and domestic animals that had also captured her interest over the years.

Eva Folks

Eva Folks is a visual artist who is drawn to the surreal. She has won first place awards and honourable mentions for her work. She has juried art shows and critiqued for art groups. Eva is also an instructor and art blogger and has sold her work to clients worldwide.

Dan Glassco

Dan Glassco discovered wood working in 2012 when the first boards came off his newly setup sawmill. To date he is running a saw mill, wood drying kiln and an almost fully equipped workshop. Dan started making cutting boards and rustic furniture, and now also makes paddles, pens and other small turned items. A lot of the wood he uses is cut, milled and kiln dried by himself, from his family owned woodlot. His favourite woods are Wild Apple, Sumac, Juniper, Maple, Black Walnut and Black Cherry. Dan uses hand tools, handheld power tools and stand alone machines to create his work.

Karen Hunter

Karen Hunter has been designing and making jewellery since 1983. She started participating in craft shows in 1989. In 1990 she took a workshop, working with Niobium and Titanium, where she found the metal for her! All of the jewellery is handmade by Karen at her home studio and workshop, and each piece is hand cut and formed. After all of the work is done to each piece of Niobium, it is anodized, a technique of using electricity to create the rainbow of colours. Karen started quilting in 2012, and her love of colour and pattern was expanded

Janice Jones

Janice Jones worked as a Registered Nurse for 40 years and has always had a passion for the arts and being creative. She started painting with Judy Sherman learning oil painting techniques in 2019. She has taken many zoom art classes with McMichael Gallery and has had 2 of her works hanging in the gallery. She has taken perspective, mixed media courses and colour workshop. She has sold 9 paintings to date and has had 5 commissions for work. She has been juried into 4 Art Shows.

Maryam Khani


Maryam Khani was born in Tehran, Iran. She graduated with a bachelor’s degree in engineering in 2002. In late 2005, she moved to Canada. There, she pursued her education until she became a mother. Her husband introduced her to the world of art and became her biggest supporter. Maryam’s primary focus shifted to her children, providing them with a safe, loving, and nurturing environment.

A career change followed, leading Maryam to become an artist. She saw art as a means to express her feelings and thoughts while continuing to provide a secure and loving place for her boys to grow. In January 2014, Maryam joined Kingcrafts in King City, Ontario, where she started working with pottery. She also began learning watercolor in October 2016. Her pottery and watercolor pieces have been showcased in various art exhibitions across Canada.

Ann Livingstone

Ann Livingstone graduated at 55 with Honours B.A. in Fine Arts from U of T, Erindale Campus/Sheridan College in 2000. Since childhood she has been drawing/painting. When she finds a subject, Ann tends to work in a series but there are always new avenues beckoning. She enjoys painting horses, especially from a different perspective, cats doing or being in different situations, animals generally. She is fond of painting fields of lupins by the sea, another favourite that calls to her. All in all her subjects are something that Ann has seen or half remembered and she endeavours to put them on canvas in her own inimitable way.

Vladimir Lopatin

Vladimir Lopatin was born in Leningrad, Russia. He attained a Bachelor of Arts degree at the Academy of Arts and Design. He likes and can work in different mediums. Nature gives him an endless supply of forms and patterns for inspiration. His art is stylized fantasy rather than realism. His work can be found in private collections around the world.

Olena Lopatina

Olena Lopatina was born in Kharkov Ukraine and graduated from the Academy of Art and Design with a Bachelor in Fine Arts degree. She moved to Canada in 1997 and now lives in Aurora, Ontario. She is a member of the Richmond Hill Group of Artists, Art Society King and Artists for Conservation. Her love of art came at an early age. The inspiration of nature – landscapes, waterscapes became the themes of her paintings. Olena finds beauty in her surroundings and using oils to portray that beauty.

Hans Martin

Hans Martin started watercolour painting as a retirement hobby. He learned from Donnah Cameron II as well as from attending workshops offered by the Society of York Region Artists and Arts Society King. His paintings are in private collections across Canada and as far south as Mexico.  Hans enjoys painting scenes from his backyard, King Township and his travels. Old houses and barns; lakes, rocks and trees and the occasional flower are his favourite subjects but he has also painted good friends and vegetables!  Check out his website and social media.

Veronica Meloche


Veronica Meloche graduated with a BFA in Fine Arts from York University in Toronto, Ontario and later received a Masters of Teaching, Visual Arts from Griffith University, Brisbane, Australia.  She has been teaching Visual Arts in secondary school for twenty years.  Veronica likes to paint idealized childhood memories and nostalgia.  She creates mostly functional ceramic forms and is intrigued with painterly applications of glaze and the memory of the human touch on the clay.

Mary Morganelli

Mary Morganelli began her journey as a Canadian artist when she landed in Toronto from her hometown in Ceprano, Italy at age six. 

Mary’s love and passion for drawing and painting surfaced at an early age when she attended a grade nine art class. She later continued to nurture/develop her artistic expression by taking lessons from a correspondence art course. Soon afterward, she married her high school sweetheart and hung her artist cap for a while to devote her time and creative energy to her young family.

In November 2010, Mary’s career as an artist returned to center stage and began to flourish. Her first step was refreshing her talent by attending a grade 11/12 art course at Dr. Betty Stephenson Learning which she completed with honours. She further committed to expanding her portfolio as she immersed herself in private lessons from an artist/ teacher. During this time, she produced many paintings experimenting with different mediums. Mary currently has an art collection in a variety of subjects and mediums which she shares with the world in Mariellart Gallery. Her paintings include portraits, landscapes, flowers, animals, birds, still life, children and more. All are incredibly detailed whether it is painted in acrylic, oil, watercolour, charcoal, pastel, or ink. Her career took off quickly earning many compliments from a well-known artist and other artists, which Mary has come across in her life, while also capturing the hearts and imagination of those who have bought her paintings and commissioned her work.

Often the work of Mary’s hands come from the outpouring of her heart onto canvas. The storms of life have at times drenched her with cold chill of losses and devastating challenges including losing her child to a dreadful disease when he was barely 3 years old. Her determination to make something beautiful from the ashes is reflected in her art. Mary has been featured in newspapers and magazine articles on her Alzheimer painting “Forget Not” created from the sorrow of watching her father suffer from the disease. The Alzheimer Society has also used this inspirational piece to bring awareness to this dreadful disease.  In 2019, Mary has also been awarded first prize in the acrylic category for her very emotional painting “Out for The Evening”. In 2020, Mary was awarded honorary mentioned for “King Farm” a plein-air competition. Spring 2022, a cover page, and full-page article in the Mosaic magazine. Mary has displayed her art in many art shows and in her home studio, membership in many arts clubs, currently teaching at the Seniors Centre in King City and private classes in her home studio.

Many of Mary’s paintings tell you a story offering glimpses of peace, serenity, relaxation, inspirational, meaning, and emotional while some were just done for fun. In her everyday life and travels, Mary takes many photos and lets her imagination go in her artwork. In a short time, she has again found passion in painting. It is a peaceful way of relaxation in her. Her desire is for her art to touch lives, bring a smile to your face and beauty to your eyes. She aims to share the gift she was given to become a gift for others.

Rubina Panjwani


Rubina Panjwani works with differed shapes and gauges of wire with semi precious stone and turns them into wearable art. When it comes to creativity, she truly believes that there are no rules; rather, the important thing is to put our heart and soul in the task, and always dreams big.

Ivanka Pipinikova


Ivanka Pipinikova has been an artist since she first started drawing and painting as a child.  In school she used to participate in competitions, and won several awards in recognition of her artistic talent.

Many years later, Ivanka found herself rediscovering her love of creating art when she signed up for oil painting classes with Vladimir Ribatchok in 2009.  She hasn’t stopped painting since. 

She has been taking part in number of Art Shows and her work was chosen to be on display at various juried shows including Willowdale Group of Artists Annual Spring Juried Art shows annually since 2012; SOYRA Aurora Town Hall juried shows. In  2022 she took part in Jack Pine Gallery Juried Art Exhibit and was awarded second place.

She became an Artist member of King City ASK in 2014 and she has been taking part in ASK Studio Tour every year since 2014.

In her work she is inspired by nature landscapes. She is always fascinated by the amazing colors of the seasons, reflections in the water of the various lakes and rivers. Figures of people have also always been a source of inspiration for her. She mainly paints with oils, but she is continuously exploring and experimenting with other mediums.  Constantly growing and evolving as an artist, Ivanka aims to create beautiful, impactful art that convey the feeling and mood of a moment in a way that the viewer can become a part of it.

Jacqueline Hope Raynor

When Jacqueline Hope Raynor discovered the encaustic process she knew she’d found her art form. It is always a joy to walk into her studio and smell the heady aroma of beeswax, reminding her of summer gardens.

She moved to the Beaverton area two years ago and spend her creative time making artwork that explores two of her passions: colour and texture. Colour creates the mood and texture invites you in to explore the details. 

The Japanese idea of Wabi Sabi (beauty in imperfection) appeals to her creative process. I love incorporating happy accidents into her work and producing unique pieces full of whimsy and delight. Nature is a never-ending source of inspiration.

So far, in 2023, Jacqueline has exhibited at the Rosedale Art Fair, Schomberg Street Gallery, ArtWalk Square, Guild Alive With Culture Arts Festival, Uxbridge Art in the Park, and Made in Kawartha Lakes.

She has studied at OCAD University and Toronto Metropolitan University. Before she started working in encaustic, she spent years exploring papermaking (and now sometimes combine the two mediums).

Kathleen Rodgers

Kathleen Rodgers retired in 2015 as an elementary school teacher.  A summer course at Haliburton School of Design introduced her to hand-dyed fabrics and art quilts.  After exploring traditional quilt blocks for years, Kathleen began creating fibre art designs based on colour, shape, and movement for wall hangings, table runners, and journal covers using her hand-dyed fabrics and batiks.  As an artist, she has explored various mediums, taught workshops, and sold her work at studio tours and art shows. 
Kathleen has supported various organizations and Boards, including the Coldwater Mill, Studio Art Quilters Associates (SAQA), and Arts Society King (ASK).  She likes to support artists and artisans by organizing exhibitions and sales opportunities.  She is also part of a fibre arts group that creates thematic exhibitions that travel to galleries and museums around Ontario.

Judy Sherman

“My work is a visual commentary on world circumstances. With a little humour and a gentle nudge, the message is delivered”. After a successful career in graphic design, Judy Sherman travelled to Florence, Italy to study classical painting. In 2006 she received an Ontario Arts Council Emerging Artist Grant. Judy was interviewed for Rogers TV, “Colour and Vision”, was published in American Art Collector Magazine and has appeared on City Line, City TV. She has juried shows, conducted workshops, teaches privately and is presently teaching for McMichael Art Gallery. Judy has won awards, is represented in galleries and is collected worldwide.

Sylva Sroujian

Sylva Sroujian is an Armenian from Lebanon who lives in Richmond Hill, Ontario. Despite her background in business, she has pursued her dream of becoming an artist. She has showcased her art in group and solo exhibitions. Sylva paints with cold and wax and oil, and acrylic. Her works have been accepted in many juried shows and she has won several awards. The boundless beauty of nature is the inspiration for her landscape paintings. Her outdoor experiences, such as camping and hiking in locations like Algonquin Park and Lake Superior, provides the motivation for her artwork.

Joe Trimmeliti

Joe Trimmeliti graduated from George Brown College in 1974 in Graphic Design. He was a Senior Staff Artist in the Toronto Public Library art department for 15 years. Currently he is self employed in sign making and graphic design. Joe has recently rekindled his love of painting and has been successful in several fine art shows and sales.

Jessica Volpe

Jessica Volpe was born Toronto, Canada. She completed her studies at OCADU and went on to study Biology at the Open University of BC.  Jessica has been commissioned by prestigious clients, including Prince, 

Crayola Crayons, The Fairmont Hotels, The Bata Shoe Museum and Sleeman Breweries.  She moved to California in 2012 and recently moved back in Toronto. While in California, she exhibited her painting in galleries throughout Los Angeles, San Francisco and San Diego. Her paintings are featured in various national and international private collections.

In her studio practice Jessica Volpe explores narratives of motherhood, childhood and gender as she breaks down ideas of femininity. She explores human nature with the use of anthropomorphic animals and surreal imagery.

Lynn Wilson

Lynn Wilson lives and paints colourful, bold and strong energy pieces on mixed media including large canvas (florals, abstracts, streetscapes and intuitive), altered book journals, clay sculpting and hand painting  on raw silk, in her home studio in King City.   Canvas had always typically been her media of choice, but she discovered Altered Book Journaling and Intuitive painting in 2017.  My journal pieces incorporate many mediums including acrylics, metallics, Distressed Oxides, iridescents, inks, graphite, calligraphy and collage. Lynn often uses her intuitive pieces done in her Altered Book Journals, as inspiration to paint images over on to large canvas.

Michelle Zikovitz

Michelle Zikovitz has been weaving baskets for over 30 years and teaching for the past 20 years throughout Southern Ontario. Michelle prefers to mostly create functional baskets that incorporate her hand dyed reed whenever possible. Reed is her personal choice of material. Michelle enjoys teaching basket weaving using her specific designs so students can learn many basketry techniques while completing a basket they are proud to showcase.