Studio Tour King 2023

Arts Society King presents

Studio Tour King 2023

Studio Tour King 2023 will take place April 22 & 23 from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm

Meet the Artists of Studio Tour King 2023

Katie Argyle

Katie Argyle is a ceramic artist who hand builds with clay. She creates functional and sculptural works for the table and the wall. She loves humour, colour and crazy drawings. Her works always tell a story. In addition to clay, she also makes prints, drawings and paintings.

Katie is a member of the Hill Potters’ Guild and the Richmond Hill Group of Artists. She has a BA HONS degree in Interdisciplinary Studies (Carleton University) and a Diploma in Fine Art from the Ottawa School of Art. She teaches printmaking, painting and pottery. Her specialty is the adult beginner.

George Burt

George Burt started wood turning in the late 1980’s, making gifts for family and friends.  The first dried flower vases were turned from cedar rail farm fencing.  It was his wish to preserve its memory.  Later, people who appreciated his work, would bring other pieces of local woods from fallen or trimmed trees and it was then he started turning vases and bowls from local woods.  George always felt there was no need to buy exotic woods from other countries when our own native woods are so colourful and beautiful.

Wendy Cho

in a far far land of CHO, there lived an illustrator who drew cats and dogs and frogs and more.
there were dark skies filled with the sun, stars and moon.
every day told a story of good and bad. stories of memories had.
the beginning

“wendy CHO is an illustrator. She studied at OCAD in design and is a member of the Artists’ Network, Art Society King, Richmond Hill Group of Artist as well as the Kawartha Lakes Arts Council. her artwork is regarded as clever, whimsical and storybook like. wendy’s artwork brings joy and smiles to everyone!”

Alexandra Conrad

Alexandra K. Conrad is a professional fine art artist with over three decades of art creation experience. She graduated with honours from OCAD.
She likes to paint portraits, landscapes, cityscapes, nature and abstracts in oil and acrylic.  She enjoys other media including woodcuts.

Artist Statement:
In my art, I strive to bring out positive emotions in the viewer. My aim is to introduce the viewer into a new world which only art can provide. I particularly enjoy painting portraits. Paying close attention to facial expression and body language I see these gesture elements as part of the “soul of the person”.

Inge Dam
Facebook: inge.dam1

In 1992 I became a Master Weaver from Ontario Handweavers and Spinners. In 2013 I published a book “Tablet-Woven Accents for Designer Fabrics: Contemporary Uses for Ancient Technique.” I have taught workshops in the US, Canada, England, and Japan, I have won many awards for my work and my work has appeared in several publications. I weave on a 32-shaft computer assisted loom. Sometimes, I find inspiration for my work in nature but most often I find inspiration from working with many different colours and combining them with complex weave structures.

Jackie England

Jacqueline England resides in the Mississauga, Ontario, Canada area, but was born in Nottingham, England, and immigrated to Canada as a young child. She returned to the U.K. to further her education and while there, she became introduced to the realm of horses, and as a young teen, spent many a day “mucking out”, grooming, riding and showing horses. Upon retiring she turned her first love of owning horses to painting them and under the tutelage of Michael Spillane of the Spillane Studio of Fine Arts, she realized that dream of putting to canvas not only her detail of horses but of the many wildlife and domestic animals that had also captured her interest over the years.

Eva Folks

Eva Folks is a visual artist who is drawn to the surreal. She has won first place awards and honourable mentions for her work. She has juried art shows, critiqued for art groups and volunteered on committees for various shows. Eva is also an art instructor and art blogger and has sold her work to clients worldwide.
Describe your work: I strive to create bodies of work that are original, narrative and imaginative in nature. Creating fantasy worlds allows my mind to wander free of everyday life, exploring new ideas and processes.

Dan Glassco

Dan discovered wood working in 2012 when the first boards came off his newly setup sawmill. To date he is running a saw mill, wood drying kiln and an almost fully equipped workshop. Dan started making cutting boards and rustic furniture, and now also makes paddles, pens and other small turned items. A lot of the wood he uses is cut, milled and kiln dried by himself, from his family owned woodlot. His favourite woods are Wild Apple, Sumac, Juniper, Maple, Black Walnut and Black Cherry.  Dan uses hand tools, handheld power tools and stand alone machines to create his work.

Karen Hunter

Karen has been designing and making jewellery since 1983. She started participating in craft shows in 1989. In 1990 she took a workshop, working with Niobium and Titanium, where she found the metal for her! All of the jewellery is handmade by Karen at her home studio and workshop, and each piece is hand cut and formed. After all of the work is done to each piece of Niobium, it is anodized, a technique of using electricity to create the rainbow of colours. Karen started quilting in 2012, and her love of colour and pattern was expanded.

Ann Livingstone

A Nova Scotian by birth, through my formative years I lived Coast to Coast. The land- scapes and the animals therein are part of my psyche and cross-Canada heritage. Horses have played a huge part in my life, from my first ride at six until now, when I still ride my boy, Rory. Drawing since childhood, I have continued Drawing and Painting as part of my life. In 2000, at 55 I graduated with an Honours B.A. in Art/Art History from U. of T. at Mississauga and Sheridan College. My process….? I like to paint series dealing with similar subjects. I become enamoured of a subject whether it be trains, the game of croquet, animals, women in diaphanous dresses…and of course, doing it my way. Mixing my own colours for the most part, I paint in oils with a limited palette. I also am a quilter. I use quilting to create vibrant, excitingly coloured saddle pads trimmed with braid. I also do smaller pieces… lap robes, table top pieces, as well as wall hangings. My biggest quilt was the “Star Quilt” for my cousin, Anne Murray. That quilt had 5,220 one inch squares. I sometimes make a garment for fun from fabric scraps and leftover pieces. All in all I am always moving forward to create alluring and different projects.

Hans Martin
Facebook: Hans Martin

Hans Martin dabbled in oils during his university years in the 1960s, while he was working on his Ph.D. degree in physics. He started painting seriously in 2003 and has focused on watercolour.

He has been a member of the Society of York Region Artists (SOYRA) and Arts Society King (ASK). He has participated in shows both inside and outside of York Region and has been awarded three first prizes and two honourable mentions.

He took group lessons continuously and attended workshops whenever they were available and appropriate. Now in his eighties, he does not have the time to figure everything out on his own.  He does not have a preferred subject matter or style. Pretty well all subjects are of interest and deserve close study and work. The outcomes are never known in advance.

Shiva Moghaddasi
Instagram: Shiva_Studios

Shiva Moghaddasi (Shiva Studios) is a multidisciplinary freelance artist since 2009. She holds a B.Arts (Iran) and a B.Des in Material Art and Design from OCAD University.

Her work includes a variety of functional and creative pottery & textile art: ranging from wheel thrown and hand-build clay artwork to hand woven and hand painted textiles.

Shiva’s work displayed at the Toronto’s Feminist Art Collective exhibit in 2018 brings awareness to elderly abuse in healthcare institutions; while in another body of work she explores notions of “hushed” obedient women using textiles. Her artwork is available on her website.

Mary Morganelli

Capturing emotion is everything for Mary Morganelli as an artist. If she has brought light and joy to your life through her artistic expression, she has fulfilled her calling. It has always been a passion to contribute positively to the human experience with the use of simple, traditional materials, paint and brush as well as the application of colour and creative use of light.

The feelings we have when we picture a mother figure or a child playing, or a beautiful bird take flight, it’s those emotions that wash over us as we view a stunning landscape that moves Mary’s brush across the canvas and determines the colours she chooses to illuminate that precious moment.

‘Life’ is her inspiration. She strives to convey that sense of enormity by capturing the ever-shifting allurement of human emotion – frozen in time on the canvas.

Evangeline Munns

Evangeline Munns has been painting for many years. Her love of nature is reflected in her landscape and floral paintings where she tries to capture the beauty of what she sees in her daily walks and frequent excursions into the country. She is thankful for the creative outlet that painting provides.

Ivanka Pipinikova


Ivanka Pipinkova has been an artist since she first started drawing and painting as a child.  In school she used to participate in competitions, and won several awards in recognition of her artistic talent.

Many years later, Ivanka found herself rediscovering her love of creating art when she signed up for oil painting classes with Vladimir Ribatchok in 2009.  She hasn’t stopped painting since. 

She has been taking part in number of Art Shows and her work was chosen to be on display at various juries shows including Willowdale Group of Artists Annual Spring Juried Art shows annually since 2012; SOYRA Aurora Town Hall juried shows. Most recently in 2022 took part in Jack Pine Gallery Juried Art Exhibit and was awarded second place.

She became an Artist member of King City ASK in 2014 and she has been taking part in ASK Studio Tour every year since 2014.

In 2018 and 2019 she took part in North York Visual Arts Fall Show.

During the pandemic took part in multiple virtual shows as well as Bayview Group of Artists Spring Outdoor studio tour.

In her work she is inspired by nature landscapes. She is always fascinated by the amazing colors of the seasons, reflections in the water of the various lakes and rivers. Figures of people have also always been a source of inspiration for her. She mainly paints with oils, but she is continuously exploring and experimenting with other mediums.  Constantly growing and evolving as an artist, Ivanka aims to create beautiful, impactful art that convey the feeling and mood of a moment in a way that the viewer can become a part of it.

Kathleen Rodgers
Facebook: KathleenRodgersArtisan
Instagram: @KathleenRodgersArtisan

Kathleen Rodgers has worked in various mediums for 30 plus years. Quilts have been in her family for generations with many treasured antiques created by her great-grand-mother so it was natural for her to take up quilting over twenty-five years ago. After exploring traditional quilt patterns for many years, she learned how to dye fabrics in a twelve step colour wheel which offered a glimpse into the possibility of creating art quilts. Kathleen began developing her own designs using her photographs and paintings for Art Quilts (as wall hangings), table runners, journal covers, etc. Due to her creative energies, she never runs out of ideas and can express them through different mediums.

Judy Sherman
Instagram: judyshermanartist

After a successful career as a graphic designer, Judy Sherman studied Academic Painting in Florence, Italy and in 2006 received an OAC Emerging Artist Grant. She’s been published in American Art Collector Magazine, interviewed on Rogers TV, and has appeared on City TV with Marilyn Dennis. Judy has juried shows, conducted workshops and has been teaching for over 15 years and is currently teaching for McMichael Art Gallery. She has won awards and is represented in galleries. Her paintings are collected worldwide.

Judy is a narrative painter using a juxtaposition of the old masters’ style and present day life.

“Things aren’t always as they appear to be. At first glance my paintings may make you smile but the true meaning lies just beneath.”

Steve Silverman

A native of Toronto, Canada, Steve Silverman is a Canadian, award winning, fine art photographer with a keen and unique artistic vision. His passion and dedication to the black and white medium is reflected in his dramatic landscapes and compelling cityscapes from across Canada and the United States. Steve’s photos represent a visual interpretation of his outer reality. He often uses strong tonal contrast, texture and mood to express his artistic vision. Simply put, he is able to transform a simple, mundane scene into a dynamic black & white fine art photograph.

Sylva Sroujian
Facebook: Artbysylva
Instagram: artbysylva

Sylva Sroujian paints with oil and cold wax, and acrylic. She lives in Richmond Hill, Ontario. She is Armenian from Lebanon, living in Canada for 35 years. Even though her education and career were in business, she had keen interest in art and always dreamed of becoming an artist. She has been creating art in various mediums and styles. She has done group and solo shows and exhibitions at different locations, with different organizations. Her artworks have been accepted in many juried shows and she has won several awards. The beauty of nature in its entirety greatly inspires her in the pieces that she creates.

Joe Trimmeliti

Joe Trimmeliti is a self-employed graphic artist who has rekindled his interest in painting in recent years.  He enjoys capturing nature and landscape images in both oil and acrylic. He lives in King City with his family.

Lynn Wilson

Lynn Wilson creates strong, bold colours on large canvas (florals, abstracts, streetscapes and intuitive) … mixed media, collage, and also hand painting on silk.

Canvas has always typically been her media of choice, until discovering Altered Book Journaling and Intuitive painting in 2017. Her journal pieces incorporate many mediums including acrylics, oils, metallics, iridescents, inks, graphite, calligraphy and collage.

Lynn often uses her intuitive pieces from her Altered Book Journals, as inspiration to paint images over on to large canvas.

Having shown her work in many juried art shows, live art events and Studio Tours since 2002, Lynn now teaches both live and online art classes and is an active participating member of Arts Society King and SOYRA -Society of York Region Artist.

Michelle Zikovitz

Michelle Zikovitz has been weaving baskets for over 20 years and teaching for the past 15 years, throughout southern Ontario. An appreciation of the beauty and function of hand-woven baskets, Michelle prefers to design baskets for teaching that incorporate many different weaving techniques, materials and concepts that can be applied to a variety of baskets. Reed is her personal material of choice for teaching, incorporating hand dyed reed whenever possible. She is happiest when she feels her students are learning something new that will enhance their own work while developing a true appreciation of the ancient artistry of basketry!