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Studio Tour 2020

Due to COVID-19 restrictions and on the advice of Public Health Authorities the 2020 Studio Tour was cancelled, however, please refer to our Virtual Studio Tour 2021 page for new information.

Support our 2020 Studio Tour Sponsors

Meet the Artists in the 2020 Studio Tour

Bill Lunshof


Read more about Bill.

Brigitte Granton


Read more about Brigitte.

Hans Martin


Read more about Hans.

Helen Hermanns


Read more about Helen.

Inge Dam

Handwoven textiles

Read more about Inge.

Ivanka Pipinikova


Read more about Ivanka.

Jacqueline England

Oil, graphite, pen, ink & pastels

Read more about Jacqueline.

John Panopoulos

Monolithic stone sculptures

Read more about John.

Karen Bowen

Paintings & mosaic glass

Read more about Karen.

Karola Steinbrecher


Read more about Karola.

Kathleen Rodgers

Fibre art/textile

Read more about Kathleen.

Lucy Quintero


Read more about Lucy.

Lynn Wilson

Mixed media, acrylic & metallics

Read more about Lynn.

Maryam Khani

Watercolour & pottery

Read more about Maryam.

Marianne Broome

Watercolour & acrylic

Read more about Marianne.

Stephen Sloan


Read more about Stephen.

Steve Silverman


Read more about Steve.

Sunny McGraw

Acrylic on canvas/or board

Read more about Sunny.

Tom Wray


Read more about Tom.

Studio Tour 2020 Sponsors