Schomberg Street Gallery

Sunday September 17th, 2023. 10am to 5pm

The Schomberg Street Gallery is presented by Arts Society King (ASK). The Schomberg Street Gallery is an outdoor, juried exhibition and sale of quality fine art. Held in the charming historic village of Schomberg, Ontario.  On September 17, Main Street will be closed to traffic allowing for full pedestrian access to the artists and their work. Tents line the street displaying original fine art and skilled craftsmanship all available for purchase to the public. Admission is free to all visitors, and many local shops and restaurants are close by. With thousands of visitors over the years, the Schomberg Street Gallery is sure to be the outstanding feature for the start of the fall 2023 season.

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Schomberg Street Gallery 2023 Artists


Dubi is a Canadian artist specializing in the painting aspect of art. Fine arts. He has over 30 years of experience painting.

Instagram: @adubiakinola

DINA ARTMAN: Mixed Media

Dina was born in Romania and grew up in Israel. She was introduced to photography at a young age and her father was her inspiration. She enjoys creating mixed media pieces, utilizing digital photography and paint. Most of her life she has been teaching computers and looking for the best way to combine technology, photography and art. The pictures she creates combine all three.


SAGHAR AZIMI: Mosaics, Acrylics, Glass

Saghar is an artist who specializes in several unique forms of art such as Mosaic art, Vitraile art, as well as visual art and photography.


MONA BERGA: French–Canadian contemporary artist – painter

Mona has been bringing her vision to commercial and residential settings for over forty years. Formally trained in Europe, she executes trompe-l’oeil illusions, hand-painted murals, original art paintings, and restorations that transform drab or difficult spaces into artistic sanctuaries. Mona applies her passion and expertise to the individual needs of each project. Her murals, trompe-l’oeil’s, frescos and original paintings, on canvas or boards, can also be shipped anywhere in the world. Mona has worked in France, Switzerland, Hungary, England, Latvia, United States, and Canada. Her paintings are in the finest Art collectors’ homes all over the world.



George uses wood that would usually rot on the ground or be used as firewood to create something that brings beauty and pleasure to others. The first dried flower vases were turned from cedar rail fencing. George has even made vases from old hydro poles! He doesn’t feel the need to buy exotic woods from other countries when our own native woods have so much beauty and colour, and his ability to let the wood grain influence the shape and size of the piece makes each one unique.


Susie is a self-taught artist who exhibited a natural talent at a young age and enjoys finding connections with others through her artwork. Her transition from graphite to acrylics allowed her to immerse herself in the world of colour and gave her a new appreciation of the variations that are presented to us daily. The subject matter, either simple or complex, provide the opportunity for her to grow as an artist. Susie is an award-winning artist. Susie’s current collection of acrylic paintings consists of florals, landscapes and seascape.

Instagram: @susiecattedra_artist

ROBERTO CENTAZZO: Mosaics, Etchings, Photography, Sculpture

Captivated by the mosaics all around him while growing up in northern Italy. Roberto set out to explore the potential of this ancient art form in the contemporary world. His focus is to apply traditional methods to modern subjects. Roberto studied graphic arts in Italy and had an extensive career in the printing and imaging industry. In 2022 he is exploring the complex art of copper plate etching printing. With his graphic background, Roberto works in a contemporary style creating works that express incredible dimension and a powerful organic feel. Roberto has received awards at several art shows and has exhibited his mosaics in Toronto and Florence, Italy.

Instagram: @stonefolio_mosaics

WINNIE CHEN: Watercolour

Winnie is an accomplished full-time artist, based in Toronto, and creator of MoonMoon Artwork Studio. Her artistic style is a seamless blend of abstract shapes and realistic forms, infused with vibrant colours that are sure to captivate the senses. Winnie’s preferred medium is watercolour, owing to its transparent quality and unpredictable water flow, which add a unique touch to every painting she creates.


WENDY CHO: Illustrations

Wendy is an oil pastel illustrator. She studied at OCAD in design and is a member of the artists’ network (a Canadian, member-led, organization dedicated to supporting visual artists in their business practice), Arts Society King, Richmond Hill Group of Artists, as well as the York Region Arts Council. Her artwork is regarded as clever, whimsical and storybook-like. Wendy’s artwork brings joy and smiles to everyone!



Christina is a realistic painter tending towards portraits of musicians and actors of days gone by. She also paints scenes depicting figures engaged in an activity. Christina has created fashions for home and wardrobe.



Laura uses colour combinations in her work and is often inspired by her love of nature, as well as the countries she has explored. Laura uses the beautiful Italian language to title her paintings – as an homage to her heritage and love for the diverse country.


INGE DAM: Hand-dyed woven scarves

Inge has been weaving for over 34 years and in 1992 completed an in-depth study for Ontario Handweavers and Spinners to become a Master Weaver. Inge incorporates tablet weaving into fabrics by weaving the tablet borders and bands simultaneously with the fabric on the loom, creating scarves, shawls, jackets and coats. She also makes unique bags from leftover handwoven fabrics.



Nonie is an acrylic pourer. Through the different pouring processes she creates a colourful, minimalist representation of her subject. Nonie’s work draws inspiration from nature’s palette.

PAMELA DEY: Oil & Acrylic

“Creating the vision in your mind . . . By mixing the colours that my life combined.”



Michelle’s painting has evolved into a distinct style of semi-abstract narratives. Developing her imagery and composition is an exciting first step in the process of creating her paintings with most ideas and thoughts worked out on the canvas. Her focus on free-flowing line and shape creates a continuity of movement and connectedness throughout each piece. This blend of imagery gives the paintings their surrealistic quality and presents a narrative or story that is open to interpretation and unique perspectives.


ANDREA ELMHIRST: Textiles, Felting

Andrea a self-taught artisan but has taken many courses including ones with Canadian felter Fiona Duthie, and Ukrainian’s Lena Archbold and Diana Nagorna. She works on her own and produces everything. Andrea has a love of the north and has spent a significant amount of time canoeing in the far north, which influences her work greatly. She has been in business for over 10 years selling her felted items at small and large shows.


NANCY FALCONI: Photography, Encaustic, Mixed

Nancy began to explore painting as an extension of her photographic work by studying fine are mediums. She found innovate ways to combine her photographs with fine art mediums (encaustic, watercolour, pastel, acrylic, drawing mediums).



Maria Isabel paints in acrylics, using bold and vibrant colours typical of my Latin-American roots. I love to describe my artwork as ‘Canadian landscape with a Latin-American twist”.


JING FU: Oil & Acrylic

Jing Fu is a York Region based artist with 20 years of professional career experience. Throughout her art practice, Jing has combined her training in traditional Western painting style with exercise in Chinese ink painting, providing her with the freedom to move away from realistic portrayals of nature, and instead follow subjective feelings. Her most recent landscape and abstract work explores the natural world though the lens of harmony and peace.


BEATRICE GRANT: Fibre Arts, Rug Hooking

Beatrice Grant paints with wool. Her work has evolved from a love and appreciation of our heritage crafts. Skills in sewing, quilting, rug hooking and folk art have taken her out to Canada’s prairie and the United States to give seminars on hooked rugs.  Currently she works with hand dyed wool fabric and yarns from Canada and South America.

KIM GRANT: Mixed Media on Fabric

Kim is a resident of Schomberg and creates one of a kind painted Denim Jackets and Caps.

PATRICIA GRAY: Acrylic on Wood Panel

Patricia is a self-trained, full-time artist of Mi’kmaq ancestry and spent her childhood in the James Bay Region of Northern Canada. It is there that she developed a close kinship with the natural world as a young child and this remains the basis for her art today. Working with a wide array of acrylic paints, gels, pastes, and grounds, she creates relief, designs, and highly textured surfaces to depict the Canadian wilderness. All of her work is done on gallery wood panels and is sold framed and ready to hang. Today, Patricia lives on the Bruce (Saugeen) Peninsula where she and her husband welcome visitors at their studio/gallery.



Cheryl’s fine art creations reflect a deep connection to nature. This love of organic forms is also reflected in her graphic design work. She values her time hiking in the forest, observing nature and showing appreciation for our planet’s inhabitants. She successfully follows two paths: Fine Art Creationand Graphic Design. Each field requires particular skills which both compliment and contrast allowing her to have the best of both worlds and give her an edge in both practices.


ILEEN KOHN: Oil and Watercolour

Ilene has been an artist for over 40 years and recently retired from a 33-year career as a high school art teacher. Her preferred media in painting is oil and watercolour for greeting cards. Her subject matter ranges from landscapes, cityscapes, still life and portraits. Background training at the Academy of Realist Art and courses at George Brown College in animation, and abstract painting have helped in developing a wide range of skills and techniques. She is a firm believer that any artist, no matter how good, can always learn something valuable from experts.

Instagram: @ileensart


Armed with palette knives and acrylic paint, Brenda expresses her love of the rugged, yet peaceful, scenes that so many people are drawn to for refuge from our busy world. She is a self-taught painter, with experience in painting a vast array of subject matter, but nothing comes close to the connection Brenda has with the spirit of northern Ontario.



Brittany works in acrylic, applying mediums with palette knives, beeswax and various other materials, allowing the build up of a textural relief. She paints more realistic interpretations of the subjects hoping the viewer will appreciate their natural beauty.



Joanne’s paintings reflect the journey and sensory experience in her interactions with nature.

Through observation, she notices the parallels between nature and the human experience and sometimes that might be reflected in the title of a painting. Joanne paints as homage to nature but to also, recapture the emotions or feelings experienced at the time of exploration. Sharing artwork is a form of connection and that is her intention: to inspire, to evoke some feelings of energy, joy and calm.


KAREN LEVERT: Watercolour

Karen paints vibrant watercolours using lots of pigment and the magic of watercolour fluidity. Subject matter includes landscapes, birds, florals and people.

Facebook: Karen Levert


Olena graduated from the Academy of Art and Design and then became an active artist. Olena is inspired by nature – landscapes, waterscapes and florals using oils to portray that beauty.


YI MEI: Oil and Acrylic

Yi focuses on landscape painting, life scenery, still life, and flowers inspired by her living surroundings and community. She works primarily in oil painting and acrylic abstract painting, especially in mixed media and texture techniques on canvas. Her paintings are more like life unfolding, and personal stories. Yi loves integrating natural materials from her daily living environment, such as dry plants from her backyard, moss from pounds mixed with pigments, and cold wax, often on large-size canvas or on wood boards to create a sense of intimacy.

Facebook: myfunart.7393

VERONICA MELOCHE: Painting and Pottery

Veronica works in both paint and pottery. As a mother, her acrylic paintings are often of her own children and her attempt to explore idealised childhood memories and nostalgia. Veronica creates mostly functional ceramic forms and is intrigued with painterly applications of glaze and the memory of the human touch on the clay.

Instagram @veronica_meloche


Carrie is a maker of 3D Paper framed images, wedding décor, party favours, handmade gifts, and seasonal home décor.

Instagram: @carriescreativecollection

JACQUELINE RAYNOR: Encaustic and Oil

Jacqueline works in Encaustic (oil paint + beeswax) that is heated and applied to wooden boards. Works are often embellished with oil sticks and pan pastels. She is fascinated by colour and texture, and inspired by nature.


Janet enjoys painting landscapes of Muskoka shorelines, lakes and popular lookout points such as Rosseau falls.


Michele studied at OCA, and privately with a master painter. She is represented by a number of galleries throughout Ontario and also takes part in a number of art shows in Ontario.



Catharine was born in Toronto and works in both England and Canada. This gives her work a unique touch. She is known for plein air / studio work. Catharine completed her postgraduate studies at West Dean College, West Sussex in 2007. This study has highlighted her work into a more relevant and quasi abstract/realistic mode that is suitable for atmospheric landscape painting. Major awards include the Griffin Theatre (Barrie) and the Chairman’s prize (West Dean). Catharine is represented by Gallery 1313, The Colborne Street Gallery and Artel. She is a member of Arts Society King and Women’s Art Association of Canada.



Manuela is the Schomberg Street Gallery’s feature artist this year. Meet her in person. Manuela ceates equine images from around the world, presented on various mediums, such as canvas, wood and metal, in a variety of sizes, from shelf to wall.



Each one of Anna’s art gallery blocks are hand drawn in archival ink, mounted on a stained birch panel, and then covered in resin. Because each piece is created by hand, in a studio, they are never perfect but always beautiful, says Anna.


TOM WRAY: Fine Art Photography

Tom’s medium is photography, and his inspiration comes from outdoors. He captures images of landscapes, waterscapes, and flowers, turning them into compelling pictures that have an almost painterly quality. When Tom takes a photograph, he thinks about composition, angle, light and atmosphere. The finished picture might be soft and dreamy, or bright and cheerful. His intention is to evoke an emotion; it might be calming, exciting or mysterious.

Facebook: Tom Wray Photography

JOHN YATES: Fine Art Photography

John is a landscape and wildlife photographer with a particular concentration in the Southern Ontario “cottage country” region. He believes that this region is one of the most beautiful parts of Canada – if not the world. John gets inspired by the opportunity to share this spectacular scenery with others through his photography and hopes his work serves as a great reminder of what Canadians love about this part of Canada.

His photographs will be offered in framed canvas, metal, and paper. They will range in size from 8”x12” up to 30”x45”.