Timeless Tales III: The Portrayals Writing Contest

Arts Society King in partnership with the King Heritage & Cultural Centre Presents

Timeless Tales III: The Portrayals
Writing Contest

March 25 – May 31, 2023

Who is the person behind the face in that old photograph? What secrets are hiding behind those eyes? That scowl?

And that antique book with the strange title?  What clues does it offer about life in bygone days?

Put the two together and tell your own story  set in King Township’s past. Just mix and match one photo with any title of your choosing and let your imagination go wild.

The best of the best in each of 4 age categories, from children to adults, will be awarded a $50 Indigo gift card, a Heritage Book, and a copy of Timeless Tales -The Portrayals Anthology. So pull out your best verbs. Sprinkle us with a few delicious adjectives. Move us. Touch us. Make us laugh or cry or wonder what on earth you were thinking. Submission deadline: May 31, 2023. For the complete rules and the entry form to the TIMELESS TALES Writing Contest, please see below. Brought to you by ASK in partnership with The King Heritage & Cultural Centre.


Archival Book Titles

Daddy Longlegs

God and the Grocery Man

Practical Etiquette

Science for Modern Living

Talks with Young Men

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Meet the Judges

Domenico Capilongo

Contest Winners

Category: Grades 1 to 4

“Why the Kids Ran Around Town” by Rohan Corlosquet

Category: Grades 5 to 8

“Daddy Long Legs” by Surina Naidoo

Honourable mention to “A Difficult Lesson” by Lydia Chai

Category: Grades 9 – 12


“Great Aunt Julie” by Jessica Boersema


“A Waltz with Life” by Ella Young

Category: Age 18 to 101

“Sese’s Conundrum” by Beverly Bly

Honourable Mention to “True Colours” by Shelby Molyneaux

Honourable Mention to “Pleasant Voices” by Teresa Veltman

Honourable Mention to “God and the Grocery Man” by Marina Di Girolamo