White Hot Shot Winter Photo Contest

Arts Society King in partnership with the King Heritage & Cultural Centre presents the

WHITE HOT SHOT Winter Photo Contest

January 15 – February 15, 2021

Whether you wield a smartphone or an SLR, now is your big chance to seize the moment. Arts Society King is calling all shutterbugs to get out there and capture the coldest, warmest, most mystic and funniest winter sights in King Township during the White Hot Shot Winter Photo Contest. There are cash prizes, plus fame and glory when the winning photos will hang displayed in the windows at the King Heritage & Cultural Centre from February 19th through March 2021. Separate divisions are open to pros and amateurs, so send in your entries from January 15 to February 15 for judging. Awards will be given out on February 20th during a live-stream as well as being recorded.


  1. Entries are encouraged to be new photos, however, ALL winter photos taken in King Township in any year are eligible.
  2. Maximum number of entries per photographer is 3 @ $10 per photo entered.
  3. Open to amateur and professional photographers in separate divisions.
  4. Each Photograph may be entered in one category only. For example: Coldest or Funniest, but not both.
  5. Digital images may be sent in to info@artssocietyking.ca and doritapeer@bell.net or submitted through our online form starting January 15 up to the February 15 closing date.
  6. Entrants agree to allow posting of their entries on the ASK website, on any ASK social media, and in the local newspaper.
  7. The winning prints will be on display at the King Heritage & Cultural Centre from February 19 to the end of March 2021 after which their owners may take possession.
  8. Open to all residents of King Township who are not members of the ASK board, or directly involved with the contest committee or the judging.
  9. Prize categories:

Coldest – Amateur                $50 + Print
Coldest – Pro                         $50 + Print

Warmest – Amateur              $50 + Print
Warmest – Pro                       $50 + Print
Most Mystic – Amateur        $50 + Print
Most Mystic – Pro                 $50 + Print
Funniest –Amateur                $50 + Print
Funniest –Pro                         $50 + Print
Under 18                                 $50 + Print
People’s Choice                     $50 + Print


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Meet the Judges

Ronen Grunberg

Ronen Grunberg became curious about photography and videography in Grade 9, when a media course allowed him to explore the art of photography, as well as make short films with a Super 8mm camera. 

Ronen’s interest in media arts continued through his 30-plus years as a high school history, English and technology teacher. In 2012, he founded the Aurora Public Library Camera Club so that area photographers could meet monthly to share their knowledge and creativity. 

Six years ago, Ronen became interested in drones and how they can be used in aerial photography. Drone photography is now an integral part of Ronen’s creative output.

Hasnain Dattu


As a youngster, Dattu would ofter spend his time staring at strangers.  This didn’t sit well with his mother, who found the behaviour rude. And so he’d also spend a lot of his time being punished.  The years flew by.  Dattu, now a teenager, he found himself unable to tear his eyes away from strangers.  Desperation set in.  Torn between the activity he loved and the motherly approval he longed to have, Dattu didn’t know what to do.  But fate intervened.  

One sunny day he was asked to take a family photograph.  And as he peered through the lens of the camera, the epiphany struck:  PHOTOGRAPHY.  Yes, he had finally found a socially acceptable way to channel his insatiable curiosity for people.  And if that wasn’t enough, he later found he could make a career out of it.  The only thing that puzzles him is why the hell he didn’t think of it earlier.

Nowadays, Dattu photographs just about anyone with a story to tell.  And, wouldn’t you know, he’s turned out to be pretty darn good at it.  He has won many awards, which are listed below, and his clients are certainly happy with his career choice.  As for his mother, well, she’s just happy he’s no longer staring at strangers.  At least, not in front of her.

He went to York University and earned a degree in Psychology, minoring in Theology.  He then went on to Ryerson University and earned a degree in Photography.  Currently an instructor to students at Humber College working within the Photography program, while also pursuing an MFA at The Ontario College of Art and Design.

Natasha Vasiljevic

Natasha V. is known for mixing a minimalist’s eye with a maximalist’s sense of colour. She brings a precise, sculptural approach to her work for various commercial clients like Holt Renfrew, Indigo, YSL Beauty, Dior Cosmetics, Canada Post, The Hudson’s Bay and Canada Goose.

Her love of story telling and conceiving conceptual still life have won her several National Magazine and Advertising and Design Club of Canada awards, and her work has been featured in various North American and European publications, like In Style, Red UK, Allure, Women’s Health and others.

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Contest Entries


Winter Reflection – Mary Morganelli – Amateur


King Sunrise – Mary Morganelli – Amateur
Catching Some Rays – Patricia Earl – Amateur

Most Mystic

Historic Hambly House – Mel Basic
Hinterland Winterland – Steve Silverman – Professional
Sunset – Mary Morganelli – Amateur
Wizard’s Mist – Patricia Earl – Amateur


Snow Henge – Patrica Earl – Amateur