The Black Felt Boot

by Ava Dhotar

Once there was a black felt boot named Bodo. He lived with his parents and older brother in the land of Feltania.

This land was ruled by the Felt Boot Master who was named Feltopio. Many felt boot families lived in this land. One summer, Feltopio declared a silly sock contest: which family could find him the silliest socks for his royal boot. They would find this sock in the famous LAUNDRY ROOM! The winner would get new shiny buttons. So as soon as Bodo received the news, he was off! His parents warned him not to be seen by a human.

Then a tiger came and Bodo asked him for directions, “Hi little boot” said the tiger. “Hello Tiger, do you know how to get to the laundry room without being seen by a human?”. The tiger told him to go through the front door of the house. But little did he know the tiger had tricked him!

Bodo went up the stairs and opened the door and a human was standing right there with boots with closed eyes and Bodo got scared he ran around the corner. Surprisingly he was standing right in front of an open window. You will never guess where it led to. He jumped in and it was the LAUNDRY ROOM! He wanted his sock to be the silliest one to win the contest. He found three different socks:

  1. It had moons on it.
  2. It had rainbows on it
  3. It had googly eyes and stinky slime all around it.

Which one do you think he chose?…he grabbed the sock he wanted and ran to Feltopio and presented him with the….. googly eyes and stinky slime sock!!

Feltopio said this was the silliest sock he had ever seen and declared him the Winner! Bodo showed his new buttons off by walking down the street of Feltania.