The Tale of Christopher Brewer

by Grace Oxner

Once upon a time there was a building called Kettleby Deadhouse. There was a man named Christopher Brewer. He was 36 years old and lived in Toronto. He was going on a train, and his friends were going too. They were going to Kettleby Deadhouse because they had a meeting for work. His friends thought that he missed the train because they did not see him. They thought that he would catch the next train.

The friends got to Kettleby Deadhouse first and Christopher showed up later because he got the next train. It turned out that Christopher went for a nature walk in the forest with his daughter, Grace, and missed the first train. Then they had their meeting. During the work meeting, Christopher and his friends heard ghost sounds like moaning and creaking floors.

Kettleby Deadhouse was dark and creepy on the outside and even on the inside. You could see shadows in the windows that looked like ghosts. There were lots of tall trees that covered up the sun in the yard. There were even headstones in the yard where people were buried! It looked like a graveyard and was so scary. The reason they went is because they had a meeting for work, and they had no choice.

After their meeting they also had a party at Kettleby Deadhouse. Some other friends came to the party. They had lots of food and drinks. Christopher’s friends looked for him at the party, but they couldn’t find him. They looked all around the rooms but there was no sign of him. He vanished without a trace!

Other people found out that he was missing. Then, more and more people from the town learned that he was missing, and nowhere to be found. The town people gathered a search party to look for him. They still could not find him. They looked every day for two weeks, but he was still missing. People from other countries came to investigate the mysterious vanishing. His daughter, Grace, was very sad that he was missing.

It’s now 50 years later from when Christopher vanished. Now the town people sometimes see a ghost that looks like Christopher at Kettleby Deadhouse. People see him eating dandelions in the yard or haunting people by going through them when they are in the house. He sometimes turns on the TV loudly and wakes up the neighbours. Sometimes he feels lonely because he doesn’t have any ghost friends.

To this day people still wonder what happened to Cristopher Brewer and how he ended up as a ghost at Kettleby Deadhouse.