The Day of Victoria, Jonathan and Arion

by Stefan Ulahannan

There once was a family, they were very wealthy. There were 2 parents named Marie and
Jefferson they had two active twins, Johnathan and Victoria. They lived in King township. Today was a weekday, it was October 2nd ,1863. Dad and mom were out for work, so the kids were alone. They had no clue what to do, they were bored. Then, Jonathan asked, “Do you want to go to the store?” Victoria answered “Sure!” So, they traveled to the store by horse and carriage. They bought food like corn and bread and candy. Then Victoria said, “I’m bored. Can we go to the field?” “Yes, I would love to play tag, Johny said happily. So, they traveled in the horse and carriage to the field.

They arrived at the big field; it was covered in red, yellow and orange leaves. They decided to play, ‘jump in the piles’ instead of tag. So, they gathered the leaves into one big pile and started jumping in them. Then, they got bored of playing in the leaves. So, they looked around and saw they had cleared the whole field, so they could play tag now! Jonathan was “it” first. Victoria ran. Jonathan counted to 10 and chased her. Jonathan caught up to her, but she was still out of reach. Finally, Victoria got tired, and Jonathan tagged her then he ran. she chased him and so on… After a while it got late so they got in their carriage and rode to a singing concert.

They got to the singing concert. 12 people were going to sing today 6 girls, 6 boys … All of them sung opera or the newly discovered blues music and they all did amazing. After the concert they went home in their carriage. Once they arrived home, Victoria crawled into bed and so did Jonathan. Victoria and Jonathan had a view of their horse. They each looked out the window and whispered, “Goodnight Arion.”