The Story of the Doll

by Dalia Jimena Russell

Once upon a time there was a doll who was given to a little girl by her mother and father for her second birthday. This doll had beautiful black hair tied up in a bun, a long red skirt, a yellow shirt with a red collar matching her skirt, and her bright blue eyes stood out, each like a full moon at midnight. The doll had a beautiful necklace made out of red, white and black beads. The doll was made from paper mâché and usually sat in the corner of the bedroom covered in cobwebs and dust, as the girl never played with her. One day the little girl, whose name was Arabella, was bored. She went to find a toy to play with, and when she came to the corner of her bedroom where her doll was, Arabella saw her doll blink!

“Hello,” said the doll “My name is Lidovia.” Arabella was shocked. Before she could say a word, Lidovia said, “Would you like to go on an adventure?” “Um, of course I would like to go on an adventure!” The girl and her doll went outside over the hill, through the tall grass and flowers until they got to the forest. The forest had a lot of trees and birds. Even though the sun was shining, the thick trees did not allow the sun light to shine through. Arabella looked up at the birds and listened to the flap of their wings. She thought of the times she didn’t have anything to do. She had never been very creative and was often bored. As Lidovia led Arabella into the woods they saw more animals: bunnies, squirrels, chipmunks, and even a deer, and a hedgehog! The two found lots of pinecones, leaves and flowers like tulips, pansies and wildflowers. Just then Arabella found a great big tree and said, “Let’s climb it!” “Good idea!” said Lidovia. Arabella led, gripping onto branches and placing her feet on little knobs sticking out of the tree. Lidovia followed, hands wrapped around the tree and feet carefully gripping onto the zigzag pieces of bark. They climbed to the top and then climbed back down. “That was fun!” Lidovia said between giggles. “That was probably like climbing up a giant for you,” Arabella said. “Yes it was” Lidovia said. And that was a great idea Arabella!”

The girls continued on their adventure through the woods. Just then Arabella screeched, “Aaahhhh!” “Wh..what is wr…wrong?” Lidovia stammered. “There is a bear in the middle of our path!” Arabella gasped. “Or… is that a…” Lidovia said, looking at the big gray cat-looking animal with green eyes and short bobby tail. “That is a Lynx!” screamed Lidovia. “A… ly…lynx?! Aaaahhhh!” screamed Arabella running off, her rainboots squeaking underneath the wet squishy grass. The girl and her doll ran through the woods until they were safe from the big dangerous animal. Both Arabella and Lidovia were breathing rapidly. They were grateful that they had escaped the Lynx. “Phew,” said Arabella still out of breath. “The coast is clear” replied Lidovia, “we can continue on our adventure.” “I don’t think I want to go any further” Arabella said. “I agree” said Lidovia. So the girl and her doll returned home. Arabella thought about how much fun she had on her adventure with her Lidovia and wondered if she would ever have another day like that. With her doll by her side, she was certain that she would!